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Kanyakumari 360

Kaniyakumari is the southern tip of mainland India. One can see Arabian sea , Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean right from Kaniyakumari. If you are in Kaniyakumari, do not miss the Sun rise and Sun set. It is most beautiful phenomenon one can experience. Kaniyakumari is a haven for tourists. Apart from natural wonders, it is also home to beautiful man-made monuments. Kaniyakumari is home to some of the virgin beaches in India. Completely disconnected from the touristy locations, these beaches are excellent destinations for someone who wants some time alone.

Mandapam 360

Mandapam is a town at the southernmost tip of India. This town is the gateway to Rameswaram. Rameswaram and Mandapam are connected by two bridges, one for road transport and one for the trains. The railway bridge is called the Pamban bridge. This bridge is India’s first sea bridge. A conventional bridge resting on concrete piers, it has a double-leaf bascule section midway, which can be raised to let ships and barges pass through. Ramanathapuram district has plenty of islands. One such island is Kurusadai, a haven of rare and near extinct species of marine sphere. The island is covered with plenty of beautiful coral reefs.

Mahabalipuram 360

Mahabalipuram is an UNESCO world heritage site. Home to beautiful beaches and magnificient rock cut temple, Mahabalipuram is a must visit place for someone who wish to explore the architectural wonders of the Pallava dynasty. Permanently exposed to the sea winds, these sculptures have withstood for more than 1500 years. Yes, this was a bustling seaport visited by Roman seafarers in 1st Century CE. Some sculptures are of Roman origin which testifies the above statement. Intricate carvings on almost every pillar in every temple and minute detailing on every sculpture in the temples talks about the artisanship of the Pallavas.

Rameswaram 360

Sit back and enjoy an immersive ride across the beautiful temple town of Rameswaram. Situated in the southern most tip of India, Rameswaram is a beautiful temple town whose economy is completely based on the Bay of Bengal. Rameswaram is visited by a million travellers every year.┬áRameswaram is also known for its fishing harbor. The dry fish yard is a sight to watch ( with nose clipped). Rameswaram dry fish – Karuvadu as it is called, is famous throughout Tamilnadu.

Tanjore Palace 360

Tanjore palace was built by the Tanjore Royal Nayakar family and it was the official residence of the Royal family from 1674 to 1855.Tanjore palace is at a stone throw distance from the World famous Big temple. The whole palace has three parts , Saraswathi Mahal, Durbar Hall and Sardar Maadi. Saraswathi Mahal has a world famous library , Saraswathi Mahal Library which is a rich treasure trove for anyone who is interested in the Tamil literature and Tamilnadu history. Durbar hall is a beautiful wooden structure which is magnificently painted ceiling. The entire structure along with the paintings have withstood the test of time ( around 400 years). Sardar Maadi is a four storied building with beautifully carved sculptures and pillars all around. It is now being used as a museum by the State Archaeology department of Tamilnadu.

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