Connect of TamilNadu with China

Any place across the globe can be collectively chained through the combination of currency, cosmopolitan character and culture. These two parameters are vital for any interaction of people and their societies to study and understand the evolution of human behavior, attitude and their intellect.
When it comes to Tamil Nadu, it has a rich heritage and past with respect to the cultural connect towards the East Asian countries especially the China and the Japan. Chinese society emerging as one of the earliest existing civilizations and our dynamic Grand old Tamil culture was already on par with any other existing civilizations of the world.

The Tamil and the East Asian civilizations especially the Chinese possess a unique, shared cultural system and a similar political establishment when it comes to the ancient and the medieval chronicles of our historical happenings. We all know that the culture defines and enlarges the scope of our living standards and broadens our horizons of life.

The cultural practices when practiced for a long period of time establishes a solid foundation for a stable social and political order of any Geographical territory. By this way, the ancient Tamils and the Chinese laid the pedestal structures of the royal Kingship and powerful nobility. Our pioneer Pallavas of Kanchipuram especially the Narasimhavarman II had initiated political dealings with the then Chinese rulers of the 8th century to safeguard them for the emerging Tibetan empire.

Today the Chinese dragon is boasted and spoken for the all-powerful show of their Martial Arts especially the Shaolin Kung-fu which only had its genesis from our Tamil Pallava Prince, Jayavarma Pallava later became Bodhi Dharma who travelled to China in 527 AD. Today he is regarded as “Dhaamo” the Father of Martial Arts who added Kalari and Indian Yogic forms and is revered as the 28th patriarch of Zen Buddhism not only in china but all across the Asian ring of countries. The Kanchi port is believed to be an important hub for trade between the Cholas and the Chinese.

Our Tamil Nadu, alike the China was administered by a series of Kingdoms dynasties like the Pallavas, Cholas and the Pandiyas. In china, the parallel structures were in the form of regional heavyweights of that time like the Tang, Ming, Yuan dynasty and the like. Our Immortal Cholas especially the Rajendra Chola and his son Raja Raja Chola being the sharks of territorial waters in the Bay of Bengal conducted trade and controlled empires that were allergic to the Chinese Kingdoms. Trade and emissaries contacts through ambassadors have been happening at various levels in both ancient and medieval times which continues till date.

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