Connect of TamilNadu with Japan

The close proximity between the cultural linkages of Tamil Nadu & Japan can been observed by their geographical position of the respective regions. The presence of mountains both in the Tamil land and the active vulcanized spots of the Japanese, the Tamils’ inseparable friendship with the Bay of Bengal as well as the Indian Ocean can be compared to the Asia Pacific values of the tiny Japan. It is a wonder to know that today, the largest community of Japanese people reside in the city of Chennai. Numbers project about more than 6000 Japanese community.

This has been made possible only due to the continuous interactions that had taken place over the past. In terms of Linguistic culture, both the Tamil and the Japanese is strongly believed to have originated from the relatives of Ural-Altaic-Dravidian family of Language system. Today we can observe a striking resemblance that both the Tamil and the Japanese native scripts have resisted the invasions and dominations of any foreign influence despite being attacked by external influences to their society.

One of the significant observation to be made is that both the Tamils and the Japanese are culturally sensitive and most preserving with utmost care for their local values and traditions. Both the societies have flourished due to their self-reliant character and the thirst for labor. “Vanthaarai Vazha Vaikum Bhoomi Nam Thamizhagam”. The Japanese have their pride and legacy with the restoration of their “Meiji era” or a period of revitalization of their pride and resources with indigenous potential for their knowledge and industrialization.

Our people of “Nadars, Nagarathaars, Naatu Kotai Chettiyars of southern Tamil culture had not only displayed financial prudence but has also built the entrepreneurial spirit and network for our Tamil Nadu that can be compared to the rise of Toyota, Honda, Nissan and the Nippon etc., The topic of discussion at the 5th World Tamil Conference by Susumu Ohno, a renowned native linguist of Japan speaks of the possible unities and similarities between the Tamil and the Japanese language has been a notable area of research till today.

Our Political relations with Japan dates back to the times of Independence where there were large number of Tamils under Subhash Bose’s INA which closely worked with Japan to fight the British Empire. Since then, Japan has always been an all-weather friend of our Nation especially in Tamil Nadu where we work closely with many Japanese Industrial majors having their base plants in Tamil cities and Embassy outreach activities to expand our Goodwill relationship.

On the domain of cultural uniqueness, both the Tamils and the Japanese have their eye and flavor for the established Gopurams in Tamil Nadu to that of Buddhist temples in Japan. Yoga has been one of the most important connecting element between Indo-Tamils and the Japanese. Martial art forms of Shito-Ryu, Goju-Ryu Karate has been a huge hit in India whereas the Tamil films especially the Rajinikanth’s Dancing Maharaja movie(“Muthu”) has enthralled the Japanese crowds since the 1990s.

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