Tamil Sangam


Australian Tamil Association

President : Mr Boaz Abraham 

Mail : boazabraham@gmail.com

Australia Tamil Association is a community welfare association to serve the local Tamil residents Australia wide. The main objective is to bring the Tamil community together and maintain cultural & ethnic values of the Tamil society as a gift to future generation of Tamils in Australia.


Angkor Tamil Sangam

President : Mr Ramesh Waren

Website : www.angkor.in


Canada Tamil Sangam

President : Mr Vallikkannan MVK Maruthappan

Mail : info@canadatamilsangam.com

The Canada Tamil Sangam (கனடா தமிழ்ச் சங்கம்) is legally operated under Canada Tamil Federation (கனடா தமிழ் கூட்டமைப்பு), an Ontario Registered Non-Profit Organization. The Association/Federation is an organization to promote community services, Tamil Arts and Culture and facilitate Tamil events.


Guangdong Tamil Community

President : Mr Chinnaiyan

Mail : gdtamilsangam@gmail.com

Guangdong Tamil Sangam community (GTC) China – serving the Guangdong province – is a cultural, charitable, secular, non-political and non-profitable association


Reunion Iland

President : Dr Selvam Chanemougame

Mail : chelvame@hotmail.com

Our Reunion Island prefigures the world of tomorrow. The generosity and good sense of the Reunion people are far from the passions and extremisms tearing the world apart, gathered people from different horizons to handle their destiny.

Our heritage
How to share our past history transmitted by our descendents? How to step forward seeking the force, to deepen our millennial contribution to a French Island in the Indian Ocean? By this beautiful challenge common to all Reunion people and thanks to the responsibility of each of us, the Creole metamorphoses more and more like man in the lost island but as an universal man who feels at home, from China to Europe and from Africa to India!


Munich Tamil Sangam

President : Mr Vijay Damodar Marani

Mail : muenchentamilsangam@gmai.com

Muenchen Tamil Sangam is a non-profit organization located in Muenchen, Bayern, Germany. Muenchen Tamil Sangam e.V. is a humble effort by its founders in 2018, to create a space for social interaction and promote Tamil cultural heritage. Our primary objective is to promote Tamil Culture & Language and to facilitate integration & cultural exchange of Tamils with Germans. We are here to uphold its values and culture and to promote understanding, friendship, goodwill and appreciation between Tamil speaking people in the state of Bayern.


Stuttgart Tamil Sangam

President : Mr Meyyarasu

Mail : stuttgarttamilsangam@gmail.com


Munchen Tamil Sangam

President : Mr Selvakumar

Mail : muenchentamilsangam@gmail.com

An association with its own emotions. Here you will get inspired in a unique way. The Tamil populace of the world has its origins in the southernmost part of Indian subcontinent, Tamil Nadu. A line of very rich cultural heritage in terms of Music, Dance, Literature, Theatre, Cinema, Cuisine and so much more.

Tamils have been explorers/traders since time immemorial. Many such evidences are seen across the state of Tamil Nadu. Such traditions have not changed even to modern day. Tamils have immigrated to many countries ever since and now in this digital era, such migration from Tamil speaking parts of the eastern world to the west is at rise.


Indonesia Tamil Sangam


Mail : indonesiatamilosai@gmail.com

Indonesia Tamil Sangam (ITS) is a non-profit, social & cultural organisation dedicated for the welfare of the Tamil Speaking community living in Indonesia.

Tamil language is basically from the south eastern province of India (Tamil Nadu). However, Tamil is spoken in many Asian Countries like India, Singapore, Malaysia, Srilanka and Tamils are living in many other Countries. Hence ITS works for the welfare of the entire Tamil speaking community living in Indonesia.


Ireland Tamil Academy

President : Mr Muthu

Mail : irelandtamilacademy@gmail.com

Ireland Tamil Academy is a Ireland based non-profit and secular organization. The primary objective of ITA is to teach Tamil language to interested adults and children of all ages. ITA endeavours to inculcate the younger generation with interest in Tamil language, literature and culture through its programmes.

a) Pursuant to its objective, ITA will utilize educational programs, cultural events and social activities to provide the students with opportunities to apply the language skills acquired through their coursework.

b) ITA will work towards promoting collaboration between various cultural groups and organizations.

c) ITA is committed to operate in all counties of Ireland in an environment that is free from harassment and discrimination. Harassment and discrimination based upon an individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, ethnic origin, caste, nationality, national origin, age, religion or any other legally protected characteristics will not be tolerated.


Tokyo Tamil Sangam

President : Mr Gowri Shankar

Mail : hari@msg-japan.com

Tokyo Tamil Sangam – India Chapter is a Public incorporated on 02 April 2014. It is classified as Guarantee and Association company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Chennai. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 0 and its paid up capital is Rs. 0. It is inolved in Other service activities

Tokyo Tamil Sangam – India Chapter’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was last held on 30 September 2019 and as per records from Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), its balance sheet was last filed on 31 March 2019.


Korea Tamil Sangam

President : Mr Ramasundaram

Mail : koreatamilsangamkts@gmail.com

The purpose of this organization is to promote the awareness of Tamil culture, Tamil heritage through social, cultural, literary, charitable and educational activities both among Tamils and Koreans. Also, (the) KTS wishes to further organizing the Tamil people living in Korea in constructive manner and promises always to uphold the task of organizing the gatherings that can convey useful information, encourage women in our initiatives, enhance people-to-people connectivity, and reflect our culture and traditions to Korean people. (the) KTS wishes to keep improving mutual fellowship between Tamil and Korean people and to serve as an equal opportunity platform for all Tamil people here irrespective of their professional status and nationality.


Malaysia Tamil Sangam

President : Mr Rajendran

Mail : rajensaratha@gmail.com

Our Sangam takes pride in the fact that ours is the first organisation in Muscat to impart teaching of Tamil Language to the children of our members, who otherwise, will not have an opportunity to learn their mother tongue. We consider this small initiative as one of our Sangam’s greatest services to the glory of our beloved “Tamil Thai”.

Traditionally, Muscat Tamil Sangam has been organizing and participating in various cultural programmes, in order to provide an opportunity for the enormous but dormant and untapped talents of our community to bloom and blossom.

We are, of course, very proud that we have many talented singers, actors, dancers, sports personalities, story-writers, competent speakers, programme organizers etc., in our community today, whose talents have come to the limelight through our sangam’s diverse activities.


Mauritius Tamil Sangam

President : Mr Jeevan Chenmen

Mail : jdchenmen@gmail.com

The Mauritius Tamil Maha Sangam (UK) was founded in May 1984 by a group of devotees, since then it has been registered as a company under the Companies Act 1985. Since its foundation the MTMS sought and obtained permission from the Britannia Hindu Temple Trust which owns and manages the Highgate Hill Murugan Temple for the performance of all its religious functions.


Muscat Tamil Sangam

President : Mr Srinivasan

Mail : tamilmct@yahoo.com

Our Sangam takes pride in the fact that ours is the first organisation in Muscat to impart teaching of Tamil Language to the children of our members, who otherwise, will not have an opportunity to learn their mother tongue. We consider this small initiative as one of our Sangam’s greatest services to the glory of our beloved “Tamil Thai”.

Traditionally, Muscat Tamil Sangam has been organizing and participating in various cultural programmes, in order to provide an opportunity for the enormous but dormant and untapped talents of our community to bloom and blossom.
We are, of course, very proud that we have many talented singers, actors, dancers, sports personalities, story-writers, competent speakers, programme organizers etc., in our community today, whose talents have come to the limelight through our sangam’s diverse activities.


Tamil Youth Association

President : Agathiyan Saethupathi

Mail : tamilyouthassociation@gmail.com

New Zealand

Auckland Tamil Sangam

President : Mr VAI RAVINDRAN

Mail : aucklandtamilassociation@gmail.com

Muthtamil Sangam is a Secular and a Non Profit Organisation registered under the Incorporated Societies of New Zealand on 5th September 2001 and it was corrected and ammended on 22nd January 2011.

Our main aim is to:

To promote social contact mutual helpfulness and recreation between persons of Tamil speaking, their spouses and families.
To provide a secular, non-sectarian and non-profit literary organization for all Tamils living in and around Auckland and
New Zealand.
To also foster and promote Tamil Language, literature, values, traditions, culture and art.
To provide a forum to the younger generation to participate in literary and cultural programs and to showcase their talents.
To hosts events involving Tamil scholars and artists from around the globe for the benefit of Tamils residing in Auckland,
New Zealand.


Russian Tamil Sangam

President : Mr Kasi ViswanathanN

Mail : spbkasi@gmail.com


Lisha LIterary club

President : Mr Rajakumar Chandra

Mail : lishaliteratureclub@gmail.com 

LISHA Literary Club is functioning in Singapore, with energetic and dedicated members organizing Tamil events and programs in public platforms.



President : DR T Chandroo

Mail : sicci@sicci.com

Established in 1924, the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) is the premier business association for Indian businesses in Singapore. With over 1000 members from all walks of trade and industry, SICCI serves as a connector, enabler, and advocator, helping companies grow both locally and internationally.

We offer our members an array of business support services, including trade matching, business advisory, networking sessions, seminars and training, and also serve as a champion of members’ interests. Our aim is to function as a gateway of opportunities for Indian business in Singapore, helping both home-grown and international companies realise their full potential.

SICCI strives to provide its members with insight, connections and support services that will give their companies a competitive edge in the global market.


Ilankai Tamil Sangam

President :

Mail : president@sangam.org

The Ilankai Tamil Sangam, USA, is an association of Tamils from the island of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) now residing in the United States of America.

Formed in 1977, the Sangam is the oldest association of these Tamils in the United States of America.

Membership to Ilankai Tamil Sangam, USA is open to anyone interested in the welfare of the Tamils of Eelam. To apply for membership, print out the Sangam membership application form (PDF) and mail it to the address on the form.

The Sangam is administered according to its constitution by its officers, including its president, secretary, and treasurer, and a committee.


Switzerland Tamil Sangam

President : Dr Kalyana Sundaram

Mail : kkalyan2005@gmail.comg


Thailand Tamil Association

President : Mr Saravanan Alagappan

Mail : info@thailandtamilassociation.com

The South Indian Association of Thailand SIAT was started in 1989 in Bangkok primarily to promote cultural activities amongst the expatriate South Indian community.

​Since then SIAT has been conducting the annual Deepavali and Pongal Celebrations to keep the tradition and culture active as also promoting Indian Classical dance and music concerts from time to time tapping the talents within the South Indian Community in Thailand. We have had the privileged presence of the various Ambassadors of India to the Kindgom of Thailand as the Chief Guest in most of our functions and also the unstinted support of the Indian Embassy in Bangkok.


Manila Tamil Sangam

President : Mr Gowtham Baskaran

Mail : gowthamb@gmail.com

Manila Tamil Sangam has 517 members. Manila Tamizha was created for sharing, socializing, organizing, helping and building a strong network of Tamils / Tamil speaking immigrants living in the Philippines.


Gulf Tamil Sangam

President : Mr Ramesh Viswanathan

Mail : ramesh_vis@hotmail.com

UAE Tamil Sangam (UTS) name chosen, website registered, designed and started by Ramesh Viswanathan in March 2008 to Contribute our assistance to the needy people, Orphanage, Old age homes in Tamil Nadu and bachelors in UAE.

Committee started during the month of October 2008 and was inaugurated on 07th November 2008 by Mr.Syed M Salahuddin, MD ETA Ascon Star Group and Mr. Essa Abdulla Al Ghurair, Vice Chairman, Al-Ghurair Investments UAE and support of other associations and well wishers.

Between UTS Committee Members we don’t have any posts since we work together and set an example to unite our community to create harmony, and to have lots of fun, we share our work, and all are equal.


Abudabi Tamil mandram

President :

Mail : info@tmmuae.com

Tamil Makkal Mandram – TMM is a non-profit, voluntary and community organization based in Abu Dhabi – UAE. Registration of this group is being under progress to carry out social and community based activities in a full-fledged manner. TMM also strive to raise, solicit, collect, and distribute required amenities to charities, cultural, educational, and humanitarian purposes, either directly or in co-operation with other registered non-profit organizations in UAE and back in India. Tamil is one of the first surviving classical languages in the world, with literature, starting from the period of 2nd century BC, spoken by more than 60 million people in Tamil Nadu, a state located in the southern region of India.

United Kingdom

World Tamil Organisation

President : Mr Jacob Ravibalan

Mail : jacobwto@gmail.com

World Tamil Organisation (UK) is a registered charity organisation (CC Registration Number: 1116624). It was established in 2005with the aim of promoting the welfare of the Tamil community in several aspects especially in arts and culture in the United Kingdom
We provide advice and support to disadvantaged community members to access government services and career assistance.

We also organise and host several communal events in Merton to coincide with festivals such as Pongal, Eid, Christmas, Diwali and other festive occasions. These cultural events, in addition to serving as a platform for showcasing the young talents in arts, also provide the much needed venue and opportunity for community members to get to know each other and discuss a variety of subject matters. Judging by our past events, it is very clear that they promote understanding among the different culture groups and communal cohesion.One of our aims is to channel aid and monetary efforts towards the remedy of people in need in developing countries, as we did during the Tsunami disaster.

United Kingdom

London Tamil Sangam

President : Mr A. Uthaya-Kumaran

Mail : admin@ltsuk.org

The London Tamil Sangam is a registered charity, established since 1960. We are a voluntary and community organisation based in Manor Park in the London Borough of Newham. Our Projects are partly funded by the London Borough of Newham. We are one of the oldest ethnic minority organisations.

Our Objectives…
The Association is established particularly for people of Tamil origin in London to:

-Advance public education.
-Advance Tamil Language, Culture and History.
-To relieve poverty.
-To provide or assist in the provision of facilities for recreation or leisure time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life of the said persons and for such other charitable purposes.
Our Mission…
To propagate the conception of universal brotherhood.
To propagate and foster Tamil and other Dravidian culture and to encourage the study of Tamil Language and Literature in particular through the medium of publications of books, magazines, newspapers, etc in Tamil and English.
To establish schools, libraries, study groups and Tamil and English classes for adults and children.
To organise classes and training for women to help them integrate into the multi-cultural society.
To organise youth activities in the fields of music, drama, sports, recreation, etc.
To celebrate Harvest festival (Pongal) and other Tamilian festivals.
To provide social, welfare and advisory services to the members and others.
To establish a community centre to carry out these objectives successfully.
To up-lift the Tamil community living in Britain through education, employment advice and social inclusion.
To integrate Tamil society living in Britain into British way of life by providing various training classes, employment oriented courses, mental and physical health development, children activities, cultural activities and lectures.

United Kingdom

Yorkshire Indian Business Network

President : DR.Ezhil Anand & Mr shivalkar ( Director)

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/shivalkar/

Yorkshire Indian Business Network(YIBN) was founded by Dr.Ezhil Anand and Shivalkar with other core committee members on 2015 to help start-ups, SME’s , networking , immigration consultation, creating awareness for sick business, entertaining new entrepreneurs and other business activities.Now it’s a registered company with Shivalkar as Directors and growing globally.YIBN have helped so many budding entrepreneurs and other business to expand.

We are ‘A tightly knit group of diverse industry executives who share a homogenous interest in the advancement of the Yorkshire region’. Our members are individually vetted and reflect Yorkshire’s pride, its energy, drive and refusal to be beaten by adversity.

We are in the process of registering the company as as Community Interest company/Charity.



President : Mr Pandian

Mail : indiyan@gmail.com



President : lena kannappan Co Founder of ATEA

Mail : lena@ateausa.org

American Tamil Entrepreneurs Association (ATEA) is a non-profit organization that fosters entrepreneurship among members of Tamil community in USA. ATEA is exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section of 501(c)(3).

ATEA was founded in 2016 in USA by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, investors, and academicians with a goal of giving back to their community by sharing their knowledge and expertise with next generation entrepreneurs.

ATEA’s mission is to “Educate, Empower, Elevate and Expand” Entrepreneurs (5Es) at every stage of the startup business life cycle.

Educate Emerging Entrepreneurs through ATEA Bootstrapping & Seed Funding Mentors
Empower Early Stage Startups through ATEA Product & Funding Strategy Mentors
Elevate Later Stage Startups through Business & Operations Strategy Advisors
Expand Company Brand through ATEA CxO Advisors
ATEA’s initial focus will be:

Encouraging women
Promoting youth
Enabling first-time entrepreneurs
ATEA is a non-profit, membership based organization with chapters in multiple regions in USA.

Currently ATEA has three regional chapters:

Silicon Valley (West Coast)
North East (East Coast)
Midwest (Chicago)


Bay Area Tamil Manram

President : Ms Meena

Mail : President@sfbatm.org

Bay Area Tamil Manram is a non-profit, non-political, and non-partisan organization. It has been serving the San Francisco bay area since 1980. It was started as a group for like-minded Tamils to socialize and has grown into a strong organization of what it is now.

The success behind this organization is that it has adapted to changing times and needs of the Tamil community in these 25+ years. Before the days of proper Tamil schools in the bay area, Tamil Manram has conducted Tamil classes for children and adults. Before the days of the Internet where Tamil magazines are available for free, Tamil Manram has hosted a lending library of Tamil magazines for its members.

Now Tamil Manram has grown into a strong position of leadership and remains as an organization that represents the local bay area Tamil community.

Tamil Manram continues its service to Tamil. It is committed to the growth of Tamil cultural activities in the bay area. Tamil Manram regularly conducts Children’s events and encourages our children to learn Tamil language and Tamil culture. Tamil Manram also raises funds for social cause for non-profit charity organizations.

Tamil Manram as always stays committed to the promotion of Tamil, Tamil culture and encouraging local talents. Whether it is iyal, isai or naatakam, Tamil Manram has always been an outlet to provide a stage for the local talents to exhibit their creativity.


Cancer Institute (WIA) Foundation

President : Mr Kannan Vairavan

Mail : infous@cifwia.org

Cancer Institute (WIA) Foundation, Inc. is US based non-profit organization (volunteer groups) dedicated to raise funds and support the Cancer Institute (WIA), Adyar in all aspects of cancer treatment and research.

We are registered as a non-profit charity organization under 501(c)3. Our Tax ID is 20-1140049.

Please join our volunteer force to support this noble cause. You can find out details about volunteer opportunity in this page.

Please donate generously and encourage your friends and family also to contribute. Find out the different ways you can donate in this page.

Why support Cancer Institute?

The incidence of Cancer is on the rise in India, a trend that will continue into the next century. Cancer is curable in most cases if

— detected early

— treated by experts and

— followed up rigorously

This is what the dedicated team of physicians, surgeons, nurses, researchers and the support staff of the Cancer Institute in Adyar, Chennai, India strive for every single day of their life – an unparalleled mission in the service to humanity. Above all, 100% of your contribution goes directly to patient care as the institute has a tradition and history of outstanding care for the past 50 years. Do not wait for the disease to strike a near and dear one. Go ahead make that donation and make a difference in the lives of many. Cancer Institute Foundation is IRS recognized 501(c)3 non-profit charity organization. Your generous contributions are 100% income tax exempt. Please donate now!


Charlotte Tamil Sangam

President : Ms Prema Shyam

Mail : cltsangam@gmail.com

Charlotte Tamil Sangam Youth Committee is excited to present an Artificial Intelligence (AI) workshop exclusively created for our youth. This will be facilitated by instructor Mr. Jothi Periyasamy, MIT Alumni and Chief Architect in AI and data engineering.

AI or artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. AI is a rapidly growing field of thought that is being integrated into a plethora of fields including medicine, engineering, and computer science. This workshop will give our youth an introduction to AI and opportunity to learn about its many applications.


International Tamil Academy (California Tamil Academy)

President : Ms Vetriselvi Rajamanickam

Mail : selvi@catamilacademy.org

Tamil language is an ancient South Indian Language with a long history and rich literature and comprehensive grammar. The main objective of International Tamil Academy (ITA) is to teach Tamil language to the Diaspora Children and Youth. In addition to teaching Tamil, ITA encourages Cultural activities such as music, dance, drama and any art form based on Tamil language and Tamil culture to promote Tamil and Tamil culture.


Sacramento Tamil Sangam

President : Mr Gobisuresh Ramasamy

Mail : President@sactamil.org

Sacramento Tamil Mandrum was founded in 1999. Since then STM have been growing gradually, and very steadily through the support of our community. Our motive is to promote and preserve our great Tamil culture, involve our younger generation into our cultural activities, encourage local talents and introduce them into our programs.

The purpose or the purposes of Tamil Mandrum Board of Directors are:
1. To cultivate, promote, foster and develop the advancement of knowledge in Tamil language and literature.
2. To promote fellowships and to provide, organize and participate in cultural and social functions
3. To work closely with other Tamil Mandrums to further the common interests.
4. To cultivate, promote and foster the exchange of ideas and understanding between the people of Tamil and other cultures.


Tamil Nadu Foundation Inc.

President : Ms Usha Chandra

Mail : president@tnfusa.org

Tamil Nadu Foundation (TNF), founded in 1974 in Baltimore, is the oldest and largest U.S.-
based humanitarian organization solely focused on Tamil Nadu
What does TNF do?

  • Enriched 500,000+ underprivileged through 700+ projects, ranging from urgent humanitarian needs (e.g. flood relief) to short and long term needs in education, health and hygiene, rural development, and women’s empowerment
  • Examples of projects include educating destitute girls in Vedaraniam, caring for orphaned special needs children in Sirkali and the smokeless kitchen in Anganwadis. About 130 organizations partnered with TNF for the 2015 flood relief anduplifted 60,000+ flood victims by raising about $ 1 Million
  • USA

    We Reach Out Bay Area California

    President : Mr Ramkumar Rangaraj

    Mail : info@wereachout.org


    Michigan Tamil Sangam

    President : Mr Thiyagarajan

    Mail : westmichigantamilsangam@gmail.com

    The year was 1975, long before computers, cellphones, dot-com revolution and the influx of immigrants. In this growing city of Detroit, a group of Tamil speaking friends met in a basement and decided to form a grass roots organization, to preserve and nurture our tradition and values for the future generation. Thus was born Tamil Sangam, Michigan as a non-profit organization, with no religious or political alignment. Over the successful past years, the core objective has remained the same – “Preserve and Nurture the Tamil language, culture and arts in Michigan, in a unique social atmosphere”.



    President : Mr Carwell Velnambi

    Mail : contact@fetna.org

    FeTNA (Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America) is an umbrella organization of Tamil Sangams that function within the North American Continent. FeTNA is a registered, non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. It was founded in 1987 by five Tamil Sangams: Tamil Association of Delaware Valley, Tamil Sangam of Washington & Baltimore, New York Tamil Sangam, Ilankai Tamil Sangam and Harrisburg Tamil Sangam. An assembly of over 400 Tamils near Philadelphia celebrated the inauguration in the spring of 1988. Since then the Federation (FeTNA for abbreviation) has organized an annual convention each of the subsequent years.

    Our Mission
    To establish a centralized organization comprised of elected representatives of Tamil associations in North America and of individuals living in North America who have contributed to the objectives of the Federation and who join as Life Members.


    Vietnam Tamil Canopus

    President : Mr Ramesh

    Mail : citplsing@gmail.com

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